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Gregory M. Crow, Ph.D.,

Relationships in Crisis: Saving, Restoring and Renovating Marriages and Families

Do any of the following situations sound familiar to you?

  • Your marriage is in trouble and you fear it may fail.
  • You have discovered a pornography problem and/or an affair(s) within yourself or your partner.
  • You are unable to trust your partner because he/she lied when confronted about being involved in a secretive relationship or damaging activity.
  • Communication between you and your partner has broken down, leaving you both feeling frustrated and alone.
  • You feel hopeless because you and your partner are unable to talk through disagreements without one or both giving up or exploding.
  • You and your husband/wife hardly talk to each other anymore; the pain is unbearable and you wonder how long you can hang on.

If you find that any of these scenarios sound familiar and resemble your life, it is important to get help right away!

Many people are hesitant to the idea of bringing a trained professional alongside, especially at times like this, but they can often provide a place in which you can talk about things you wouldn’t want to tell anyone else. A trained professional is able to listen and understand while providing you with critical strategic coaching. This coaching will help you to get through the initial stages of recovery. Then, the trained professional will work to help you and your partner restore and renovate your lives and your marriage as needed.

To learn more about how you can take advantage of these services, feel free to click on the links to the left to read about Treatment Specialties, Couples' Therapy, Affairs and Infidelity, Mens' Issues, and our Fast Track Program. This is just the first step in the road to healing, and you are the only one who can do it.

My Christian faith is a vital resource: for those who are receptive, I am able to use it to help support them and rebuild what has been lost. My beliefs lead me to support and respect anyone of faith, regardless of their persuasion, and I enjoy being presented with opportunities to work with individuals and couples of varying cultures and beliefs.

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